Thursday, June 18, 2009

Figured that I had better give an update. I got back to Pensacola from segment one and found several minor little mods that I need to make to C-Lover to make things a little better. I changed locations of the VHF radio and did some re-wiring to dress thing up. I had also completely lost the VHF antenna so also had to replace that. Complete fluid changes, etc. Now need to do a wax job. I also replaced the fuel filter with the one that has the clear bowl on the bottom so I can see if I'm picking up any crud and/or any water in the gas.

I had wanted to be back on the water by now for segment two but these things plus my Dad is having a few medical issues. I have to take him in on Tues for a heart cath. Now it's getting unbelievably hot here now. Until a week ago the evening temps were dropping to the 70* I may have to go with an AC for night time. We will see what next week brings and go from there.