Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Difficult decision

Well there just comes the time when you have face to the facts.  We are not going to be able to continue.  My Dad passed away but we were able to spend some great times with him. Actually the last week was very special and was blessed with one week the has been the best in my life and hope it was also his.

What really did him in was his back the just gave out on him with a lot of pain for the last two years of his life.  I already have significant problems myself and need to try and salvage what I have left.  every time I took a wave it just compressed a bit more.  So  a couple of months ago I took the boat to Marc at Wefings in Apalachicola.  No fair well pictures.  I just dropped it off, walked out and told him to call me when it was sold.  It didn't take but about two weeks.

 So the Super Loop is over for me by sea.  It's not easy to toss in the towel.  Its the only thing I've ever not completed.  I did get to hang glide a couple of months ago and headed to Costa Rica to catch a sailfish in January.  When I had my charter boat we caught everything from octopus to tuna but never a sailfish.  I'm going to go where they live and not come back til I get one.  I dont really care if I get it to the boat.  A couple of good runs will do.  

When we get back from Costa Rica we are going to head out in the RV.  The plan is to head to Louisville, Ky and then West following Lewis and Clark.  We'll start another blog for that.  Thanks for looking.