Wednesday, April 4, 2018

ON the road/rail again

Well the Super Loop is continuing, sorta.  I have just changed modes of transportation. I love my C-Dory but my back couldn't handle the bouncing and it seems like I always ran into rough seas.  Also in 2007 I was in a major auto accident.  I actually shouldn't even be here now.  I've crossed the continent from East to West with my 49cc motor scooter and from South to North from Key West to Homer, AK by motorcycle so what else is there. A train, of course.

In October we decided to do a foliage trip.  There is a specialty train that runs from Huntington WVa   to Hinton WVa.  It goes through parts of the New River Gorge that you can only get to by rail.  It was a fantastic day trip. 

Fast forward a couple of months to December.  Also on my bucket list was sailing around Cape Horn.  Well if I can't even make it up the East coast of the US I sure wasn't going to make around the Horn.  So the next best thing:  A cruise ship from Santiago, Chile around the horn and terminating in Buenos Aires , Argentina.  So that we did.  A great voyage with a great Captain.  It just wasn't me.  The only problem we had to fly home.  What a nightmare with all the TSA hassle.  I agree that in this day and time it is all necessary but at the end of that trip I swore off of airplanes.  If it involves commercial air travel it's not going to involve me.

Now I have a problem.  We have a timeshare condo left to the family by my Dad.  My brother and I have been able to exchange for some nice places and provides a great opportunity for us to enjoy some family time.  He wanted to go back to a very nice place in Mexico just south of Cancun.  That's  fine and dandy ya'll have fun.  So I got Mary Jo a plane ticket and she is going to join them.  So what am I going to do?

I like this train thing.  With some research I found that Amtrak sells a 15 day/8 segment rail pass for about $460.  8 segments.  What's that? A segment is anytime you get off the train.  So the Sunset Limited goes from New Orleans to Los Angeles.  If you go the entire leg that's one segment.  If you stop in San Antonio for a day, that now makes that leg 2 segments.  I probably didn't explain that too well but maybe you get the idea. 

So the Super Loop continues.  It's just changed from one if by sea to two if by rail.  My GPS tracker should be active with my live location on my web page 

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