Sunday, April 8, 2018

Pensacola to New Orleans

Well made it to the bus station just fine Patricia picked me up at about 10:30.  When I got to the bus station I could not find my garmin tracker.  I call Patrica and she went back to the house but did not find it there.  I assumed that it was somewhere down in my suitcase.  Well I got to my room at the Atlas hostile in New Orleans,  dumped my suitcase and its not there.  It will show up somewhere someday, just not on this trip.

The bus from Pensacola to Mobile was a nice ride.  The bus from Mobile to New Orleans was not as new and didnt ride as well but it was ok. 

When I got to the terminal, it is also the Amtrak terminal,  I got all checked and picked up my rail pass.  It was only about a half mile to my room so I decided the exercise would do me good.  I got all turned around and ended going the wrong way.  I found some nice  black gentlemen that looked like they had just come from church.  I ask for directions but said where I was going was a bit of a walk from that location.  One offered me a ride.  That sounded good to me.

I got checked into my room and decided that a walk to the French Quarter was in order.  It didn't look that far on the map.  I was just short of 2 miles.  But that was good.  It totally justified an order of beignits. 

Tomorrow I'm not going to chance getting lost so a call to UBER is in order.

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