Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday 2-28-11


Yesterday was a very easy going pleasant day.  The weather was picture perfect.  I just tooled around day at 5 mph.  That was great for gas mileage.  I got 7.5 mpg.  The week-end boaters all out.  They were going every which way.  All creating 3 foot wakes.  I did a little fishing along the way but the fish were the lucky ones.  I ended the day a Welch Bridge that goes to Madeira.  27  48.542n  82 47.630w.  It is an ideal spot very well protected.  There is a McDonalds and a Publix there.  McDonalds has a very nice floating dock. 

P1000170               P1000169

See the little John boat in the one picture?  There were four or five of these rag tag type boats at the dock.  I couldn’t figure them out.  They were all beat up, obviously being used but not for fishing.  I saw no fishing gear.  Anyway I went in MacD’s and got an order of fries.  I ask the manager about buying a bucket of ice.  The one in Pensacola will.  The lady manager said “no, I always give you guys some.  Bring in your bucket.”  It wasn’t until about 8pm that I figured it out.  The boat’s belong to a flotilla of local homeless.  There are all kinds of little islands around.  These guy’s just pick one out and call in home.  They come into the dock and go to the store for supplies.  They all started coming back to the boat about dark and were all gone by 7:30. 

For my dinner I fired up the grill and had one of the two rib eyes that I brought.  I been putting a little “Slap Ya Mama”  cajun seasoning on mine before cooking.  My o my is that ever good.  

Got up around 6 am took a little walk before casting off for the day.  It started out another nice day with zero wind.  That didn’t last too long.  Sunny but the wind just keep blowing harder and harder. By the time it came to crossing Tampa Bay it was really blowing.  They are doing some dredging at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  I called the tug on the radio and said the his wind gauge was reading 35 mph.  Even though I was getting bounced around I got a neat picture of a ship coming under the bridge.  I couldn’t get across the channel fast enough so I had wait for him to pass. 


After crossing Tampa Bay I went a few more miles to Longboat Key.  I was given specific instructions by a friend that I must eat at MOORE’S Stone Crab Restaurant.

P1000179   P1000176

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