Saturday, March 19, 2011

End of Leg III



I have been in touch with Dan and Peggy Bowers from Ill. They have CD 25, Lake Effect, c-brat miafun1. They have been traveling the East Coast of Florida and the Keys for a couple of months. I missed them when I headed on down to Key West but have now caught back up with them at the end of the day on the 13th. They were at Peck Lake.

clip_image002 clip_image004


Traveled with Lake Effect to Vero Beach. Since I don’t have a dingy Dan was kind enough to offer to dingy me to shore so I signed up for a mooring ball. That was good deal for $14. It came with showers and internet access. I also took advantage of the Vero Beach free buss service. I made a run to the grocery store and West Marine. When I got back I visited with Dan and Peggy for a while. I hope to see them again in a couple of months when they come to Pensacola.



It was glass calm again this morning. I could now resist traveling at high speed. At 4100 rpm I was making 23 mph. For two hours there was not a ripple on the water. All I could hear was the engine running. It was like I was riding on a magic carpet. At 1427 my trip meter rolled over the 1,000 mile mark. I was at the north end of Merritt Island. Some day I’m going to come down here and watch a rocket launch. This would be a perfect spot to do it.


I pulled into New Smyrna Beach in time to carouse the old down town and find a good old Irish Pub that was packed. They were just getting warmed up for St. Patty’s day. I left right after they had a sing/dance along where they also pass around a 4 liter glass mug in the shape of a boot. Every one takes a drink and passes it along until it’s all gone.


0715 Underway

Stopped in Ormond Beach to get 6 gal of gas to make sure I would make it to St. Augustine.

1520 St. Augustine 1125 miles , 193 gal gas, $711.



Decided to stop in St Augustine because there was a Budget car rental within walking distance of the dock. I was on plan C on getting my Jeep and trailer from Pensacola. I called the local agent on the phone yesterday to see if he had a car I could rent one way to Pensacola. He said he might have one but I’d just have to check when I got here.

After I docked I started calling him. I never could get an answer so I just decided to go ahead and take the 2.4 mile walk to the Wal-Mart where he was located. It was actually good that he didn’t answer the phone because he would have told me he was out of cars. That’s what he told me when I got there. He said that I should be able to get one tomorrow. After talking to him some I found out that he was suppose to have a return at the end of the day(He closes at 6pm and it was 4pm now) and two more in the morning. I suggested that I just hang around Wal-Mart and see if the car was returned tonight. That worked out. The car was back at 4:30. From the beginning I was quoted a price for the one way rental of $125 plus tax. During the discussion on getting the car today the young man kept saying “I’m going to take care of you.” After punching around on the computer for 10 min he printed the contract and slid it in front of me for my approval. Total cost with tax $57.

I returned to the Marina and joined in on the Pot Luck that the locals were having. I brought a bucket of chicken wings. Turned in at 9pm.


0300 Got up and drove to Pensacola. Took a nap for an hour turned in the rental and drove back to St. Augustine.

3-18-11 Returned to Pensacola

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