Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 10 Sunday


0700  Got up with the chattering feeding seagulls. 

          Those things are loud when they are 10 feet

          from your window.  Took a short morning walk

          It was already hot.

0900  Walked up the road to Wal-Mart, about a mile.

          and bought a rake to use in trying to find my

           lost anchor.  Also got some more orange juice.

1100   Moved the boat to the mouth of the canal  at

           the ICW.  South Shore Ice and Fuel.  Took on

           20 gals fuel, 20 lbs ice  Engine hours 328.

1130   Walked to Lighthouse Area.  and caught the “Wave”.  This is a free shuttle that runs the route of Port Isabel and over and around South Padre Island.  The complete loop ride takes just about a hour.  it was a good way to get an overview of everything.  On Monday through Saturday there is a connection with the Rio Transit.  That will take you to the Brownsville area to include the airport and downtown.  According to the flyer the cost is $2.00.

1500   Walked around the water front on the town side to see if I could find a better place to anchor.  I saw a couple of possibilities but nothing worth moving. 

After finding out about the wave, the best thing to do would be to go up the canal on the East side and dock in the last canal that is across from Wal-Mart.  There are no houses. in this area.  You could walk the couple to the road and and get the Wave to everything else.  There is a city dock and ramp on one of the canals but it is a long way from there to the main road, especially in the heat.  The shuttle map shows a route that goes to the city dock but it was not running on the weekend. 

1930 Walked to the Lighthouse area again for dinner.  I ate at Marcello's.  The mothers day special was steak and coconut shrimp.  I had a mother so that’s what I ordered.  I’m sure that is what she would have wanted.  I filled up on bread and salad.  Then stuffed myself with the main course.  I did save most of the steak for a meal tomorrow.  I drank 5 glasses of tea.

2130  Back to the boat for the night.

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