Sunday, May 10, 2009

April 30 Thursday


0530  Nice night.  Did not hear barge traffic like I thought I would.  Low Temp 66*  Total run time 24 hours. 

0630  Underway.  Crossed the Mississippi. Going West from the Mississippi River there are two possible locks.  Down river is the Algiers Lock and about the same distance up river is the Harvey Lock.  Rather than fight the current you would normally go down river when going West and catch the Algiers Lock.   Instead of going down stream to the Algiers Lock I went up stream to the Harvey.  I wanted to see downtown New Orleans from the water and there was less barge traffic going west through the Harvey.  The commercial traffic has priority and a private boat may have to wait for several lockings to get fit in. 

New Orleans

Going up river

0735  Harvey Lock.  River Current was a bitch.  Speed went from 8pmh to to mph at 1600rpm.  Just floating waiting for the lock gps read 3 mph. 


0840 Light rain as I was locking through.  9 1/2 feet drop from river to canal level.  Trip miles 140.  Heading West on the ICW from the Harvey Lock the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW).  Mileage is denoted as WHL(west of Harvey Lock).  Harvey Lock is Mile 0.  The end of the line at the Port of Brownsville is 682. 

0935  Port tank empty 5 WHL

1215  Found a land based gas station right on the ICW at Crown Point.  It even had a very small dock.  I used the 5 gal tank I brought and the little wheeled cart and got 30 gals.  25 for port tank and 5 for the portable tank.  $51.50

1900  Houma City Dock. 57 WHL  Water, Electric, gas at end of parking lot.  I found a sailboater that had the hose clamp I needed to fix the washdown pump.  Got 5 gal of gas and bag of ice.

2100  Moved West a mile or so 58 WHL and tied to a dock.

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