Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 3 Sunday


0530  Got up and the wind was still blowing.  Gas

          person did not know the price for the gas. He

         said he could call someone or wait a little while

         until the person that knows gets up.  I went back

         to bed.

0630  Up again.  Wind still blowing to get the boat

         next to the gas pump.  Got 5 gal in aux tank.

          5gal  $10.85

0700    Underway

0955    230 WH

1105    Bayou Black Lock

1300   Light Rain off and on

1415   Sabine River.  In the river so the buoy changed

           to   Green on the right.  Orange, Tx is up river

          and on the right.  But ICW runs along edge

          of the lake to Nechis River and is called Sabine

          Nechis Canal.

1444   270 WHL  415 trip miles

1456   Crossed 272 WHL from La to Texas.

1730   289 WHL Port Arthur Bridge Stopped for night

1800  Fixed chicken and salad

2030  Mosquitoes getting in some how. 30 minutes

         to get them all killed.

2100   Lights out

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