Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 8th Friday


0830  Trip miles 788  44 gal gas  489.00  20lps ice

          Engine hrs 317.  Proceeded at slow speed.

1830  End of the road and the beginning of my Loop. 

         Trip miles 846

          682 WHL

          Engine hours  325

          11 Days.

Beginning SuperLoop

There is no where is dock here at the end.  It is all commercial.  At the very, very end of the canal, I found a small boat ramp.  It had a chain across the ramp and did not look as though it had been used for awhile.  Since it was almost dark I just tied up there.  I took out the grill and grilled steak and shrimp.

Checked in on the C-Brat forum and started a thread on my Super Loop 2009.  Jim B TXSD lives in the area and posted back that the Port of Brownsville is a restricted area and that no private boat are suppose to be in there.  He said there should have been a sign at the entrance.  Well I' didn’t see any dang sign.  Maybe someone will bond me out.  I’m just hanging low until morning. 



If you look at the map Brownsville, Tx is just about due East of Naples, Florida.

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