Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 18th Monday


0600   Got up and underway. 

1100  160 WHL Intracoastal City gas 24gal plus 5 aux.

1150   155 WHL

1430   Franklin canal.

1510  Made it to the Hwy 90 bridge and could see Steve’s boat on the other side.  There is a draw bridge just on the other side of the Hwy 90 bridge.  The vertical clearance closed is only about 7 feet.  Not enough for me to get under.  I called on the radio but got no answer.  I was sitting there looking up Steve’s number to call when I saw a lady on the bank.  She called over to me and said that the she would open the bridge at 3:30.  ( After the school busses ran.).  At 1530 she opened the bridge and I rafted up to Steve’s shrimp boat.  I had just finished getting things in order when Steve pulled up.  He looked over C-Lover and the we headed to his house.

When we went into the house Linda was sitting in front of bushel of fresh corn that she was preparing to put up for the winter.  I helped pull the silks from the corn.  Steve needed to pickup a couple of things at Winn-Dixie so we made a quick run to the store.  Coming out of the store we ran into Percy and Janice.  Janice is another of Mary Jo’s cousins.  We parked the RV in there yard when we were here in February.  The plan for tomorrow is to get up and run Steve’s crawfish traps.

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