Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 11 Monday


0630  865 WHL  Walked to a marine contractor business that I saw yesterday.  He had a piece of pvc pipe about 10 feet long that would fit over the handle of the rake I bought.  Now I had what I needed for an attempt at finding the anchor.

0730  Got underway.  The timing was perfect to get through the swing bridge.  A charter boat was just leaving the fuel dock going my way.  Being a commercial vessel they opened the bridge for him and I followed. 

0720  Weather was  much better.  Seas flat, overcast but humid.  Continued on at slow cruise just enjoying the sights.

1400 The wind started picking up but I was in protected

         water so no problem.

1730  Got to the place where I had lost the anchor but  it is blowing too hard to attempt to anchor.  I’m don’t want to get blown up on the mud again.  Found a dock about 1/4 mile away and tied up there.  Did housekeeping chores and fixed dinner.

2000 Just about dark decided to take a walk on the shore.  Walked across the island.  It got dark on me so I came on back to the boat.

2145 Attached the pvc to the rake.  I’m ready to attempt the salvage.

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