Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 4 Monday

0730 Awoke several times by mosquitoes. Finally got

them all. During the night swung around with

stern next to bank.

0750 Underway

0800 Starb tank dry. 434 Trip

1000 Cleaned galley, cockpit and washed clothes.

1330 329 WHL spoil area. Island full of birds.

Bird Is

Bird Island

Pink Flamingos 29 31.204N 94 30.311W

I have been informed that these birds and really ROSEATE SPOONBILL

1400 335 WHL Stingaree Marina Gas, Launch

1500 342.5 WHL upside down boat.


1630 362.5 WHL Buoy 59 Turn into Harbor Walk

Marina. Very nice 5 Star place. Gassed up,

Ice. Shower. 29 17.708N 94 58.053W. Over

night $1.75/ft includes access to yacht club,

swimming pools, etc. Best gas prices on ICW

in this area $2.29/gal

2115 Lights out

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