Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 7 Thursday


0800  Found a dry spot in the V-Berth and

        sleep well.  Got up and organized.  Picked

        everything that was out of place. Stripped

        the bed and washed down the back deck.

I walked back up to Snoopy’s as Larry had said that the owner would be there working on a new dock for boating patrons.  Sure enough there he was with his grandkids carrying 4 x 6’s for the dock.  His name is Ernie Butler.  What a fellow.  He bought the place in 1979.  At that time it was an old realty office.  He converted it to a restaurant. He was a commercial fisherman at one time and has a definite opinion on government and the fishing industry.  He had some kind of major disagreement about four years ago where he ended up blockading the ICW in protest.  This of course didn’t set well with the law.  I think  he ended up in jail.  I’m not really sure.  I wasn’t able to keep up with the story he was telling.  Anyway, back to the restaurant.  He had to give me the grand tour. He started in the kitchen. It was spotless.  If I could only keep C-Lover so clean.  A person was hauling out three big kettles full a frying grease that hardly looked used.  He said ya we change it every day. Now I know one of the reasons the fish was so good.  The only other place I know of that does that is The Harbor View Cafe in Long Beach, Ms.  There was another person that was breading breading shrimp to be used that day.  Ernie said we do not use anything that is not fresh  and we don’t prepare ourselves.  Next he showed me the rest of the building and told about the different additions he has made over the years.  Ernie is a great guy and a real treat to met.  By all means it’s worth going out of your way to check out Snoopy’s for yourself.  13313 S. Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, Tx 78418 Tel 361-949-8815.  ICW 553 WHL.

1015  Marker 37 Marina  11 gal gas $26.00

1700  Trip miles 788  630WHL  Port Mansfield

          Engine hours  317

I just got to El Jefe’s Marina as they were closing.  I was told to just stay tied up at the fuel dock until morning.  There was a little motel about two blocks up the road.  I talked to Belinda and told her my say story about being on a boat and everything getting wet with salt water.  She said it would be fine to use the motel washer and dryer.  1$ wash and $1 dry.  Everything is clean and dry again.

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