Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 5 Tuesday


0630   Up and underway

1600  440 WHL Matagorda Harbor Marina

         fuel   22 gal    $54.00

Working on lock from 7am to 7pm.  17 Barges lined up to goo through.  Walked to small store and got a BBQ sandwich.  Very Tasty.  Got back to boat at 5PM and they were opening the lock.  Lockmaster made up a list of order for passage.  There was a tug without a barge they were going to let through ahead of the rest.  I was lucky and was able to go through with him. 

1705   Out of Lock and crossed Matagorda Bay. 

          Rough as a cob.  Kayak shifted and broke running light.  I was going to go to the state park on island but it was getting too late and would have to cross too much open water.

         Went 8 more miles to a small community dock at 485 WHL.  Tried up for the night.   The boat is trashed.  Everything on the floor.  The candle fell off the table and broke part of the glass.  Too tired to mess with it tonight.

          Gordon and Bob came up to talk.  The place belonged to a rancher for ever and the people leased from him to put there fish camp.  In December the 52 of them formed an association and bought the property.  There is one person that lives there full time.  The rest use it as a fishing camp and mainly come on week-ends.  Bob invited me to stay and go fishing.  They also have two big ice machines and told me to fill up the coolers

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