Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 9th Friday 2009


Despite figuring that awakened by troops with M16s, I sleep well  and woke up rested at 06300.  I got off the boat to untie my docking lines.  I saw saw four big ol guys standing by a truck.  They said hi.  I waved to them and backed C-Lover out and got away clean.  I didn’t even look back until I got about 100 yards away.  At that time I saw they had a small work boat attached to the truck that I assume they were going to launch at the ramp that I had blocked.  No speeding gun boats came after me so I’ll just never know.  I will say this shortly after dark.  A small flats type boat with three people in it came up were fishing.  I only could see them for a couple of minutes before they drifted out of sight.  On the way out I looked for the sign that Jim B talked about.  I did not see any that said anything about no private vessels.  I did see one that forbad any net trawlers into the area. 

0700  The official start of Super Loop.  I continued at

          slow speed (didn’t want to look like I was

          was running away)  back to  Port Isabel to

          chill out for a couple of days.

1000  Port Isabel.  I entered the canal that is just

          before the swing bridge.  I found an old dock

          and made fast to it.  The wind and current was

         fierce.  I checked with a shrimp boat captain

         that was docked nearby.  He said no one uses

         the dock where I was located. 


It is about a 7 block walk from where I am to the Lighthouse area.  Spent the $5 for the combo ticket that covered two museums and the lighthouse.  I spent about an hour in the museum.  It was interesting as well as air conditioned both items important.  The outside temp is about 95* with at least 120% humidity.  The museum was very good on the local history of the area, development of the Mexican war as well as ranching and shrimping in the area.



Walked back to the boat but not before stopping at Mary Jo favorite place. the Dairy Queen.  I had lunch.  smooth brownie ice cream with chocolate syrup.  At the boat just kicked back and enjoyed the breeze.

1200    Walked back to lighthouse area and ate dinner at “The Lost Galleon”  All you can eat fish &  shrimp    $9.95

1900   Moved boat closer to the old marina that I was next to so I could fresh water to wash the salt off of the boat.   

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