Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 17th Sunday


0545  A lot of barge traffic all night and also a lot of bugs.  I’m glad I have the screen porch.  Thousands of bugs.  All trying to get  into the light inside the boat.  Shut the back door when I turn in just to be sure none got into the cabin.  It was warm and muggy so I set the generator in the cockpit and ran it for the first time on the trip.  I put the small fan I have on the floor blowing into the v-berth.  That kept things cool for about 4 hours until the generator ran out of gas.  By then it had cooled down quite a bit.

0600 Stowed the generator and got underway.

1000 crossed back into Louisiana

1130 Adams Bayou. Adams Bayou is at 255 WHL at Orange, Tx. The ICW is still in Louisiana but the land is Texas. No marina fuel but Garmin showed a gas station about two blocks from the end of the Bayou.  I found a boat ramp with a dock where I could tie up.  I took the 5 gal can and cart and wheeled it to the convenient store.  The temp was dropping and spitting  some rain.  I donned the rain jacket.  I needed about 20 gals.  That would only be 4 trips. 

When I got back with the first load Bob Stringer appeared out of  a building that I thought was abandoned.  He said “You getting gas?”  They he said hop in the truck and I’ll give you a ride.  It didn’t matter that I had to make 3 more trips.  He kept apologizing that he didn’t see me the first time.   

I actually ended up only needing 15 gals of gas. 

I continued on until the 193 MM and stopped for the night.

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